September 2011

Women of Faith Event

September 30, 2011

Tracy headed down to Denver for a two-day Women of Faith event. It was a great weekend.

(Jamie was glad to have her back the next day.)

Cousins Birthday Party

September 24, 2011

We headed down to Aurora today to help celebrate the birthday of cousins Evan and Natalie.

There was a face-painter, but somehow we missed a picture of Brielle. Oops.

Drew with a perfect pirate skull

Lexi with a kitty face and hand

Fire Station

September 15, 2011

Today was a preschool field trip to Longmont Fire Station #1.

Daddy took the girls and everyone had a lot of fun learning about the inner-workings of a fire station.

Of course, a special Daddy-Girls lunch at McDonalds was the perfect end to the special day.

Brie and Lexi with a fireman

The whole class on the front of the fire truck

Soccer Games

September 10, 2011

All three kids had their first Fall 2011 soccer games today.

Jamie is coach for both the girls' and Drew's teams.

The kids have a lot of fun on their soccer teams, and Jamie has fun coaching too!

Lexi and Brie chasing the ball

Lexi and Brie with Daddy coaching

Brie is looking good in her uniform!

Drew and his team waiting for the kick-in

Drew on the soccer field

Froggy's Demise?

September 9, 2011

Froggy is not doing well, and Tracy was worried that he would not make it through the day.

So, we took some pictures of Froggy and the kids.

(UPDATE: Poor froggy held on a few more weeks, but this was the start of his "downhill.")


The kids with Froggy

Thinker Award

September 7, 2011

We went to Alpine Elementary School today to see our boy receive a surprise "Thinker" award at the all-school meeting.

Only two kids in his class received this award.

Drew receiving the Thinker award from Mrs. Herrman

Drew with the other reward recipients

The whole family was proud of Drew

Drew's self-created "Drew" on the school wall


September 5, 2011

When you have a picture such as this one, you can't help but put in in the family blog.

The whole family was at the toy store today to take some video for an upcoming family video.

Brie found this giant smurf and carried him around.

Brie is as cute as can be

Drive In Movie

September 3, 2011

We headed up to Fort Collins tonight to catch the kids' first drive-in movie before the theater shuts down for the season.

We saw Smurfs out the back of the minivan, and then turned the kids around to watch a movie in the van while Mommy and Daddy sat outside to watch Cowboys and Aliens as the second part of the double feature.

The kids LOVED this experience and it will definitely be something we do again next summer.

All packed in the back of the van for the drive-in movie

Aquarium Party

September 2, 2011

Brie and Lexi were invited to a birthday party at the Downtown Aquarium.

They loved exploring and loved the mermaids.

All the party girls

Party girls with the mermaids

Camping with Daddy

September 2, 2011

Daddy surprised Drew as he picked him up from school today. The surprise was to leave directly from school to head to Union Reservoir for a special Daddy-Drew camping adventure.

There was fishing, cooking over a campfire and lots of fun.

The highlight of the trip was when Daddy gave Drew a fishing knife that once beloned to Drew's great-grandfather.

Drew took plenty of care to sharpen (and re-sharpen) the knife. After the knife was sharpened, Drew was careful to make sure it stayed sharpened.

Drew working to sharpen his new knife

Drew enjoying his new knife