October 2010


October 31, 2010

The weather was perfect for Halloween today, and we made the most of it.

We started out at Nona and PaPa John's house, including trick-or-treating around their circle with their one-year-old cousins.

Then, when it got dark, we were back at our house for some more candy-collecting in our neighborhood with the Henson family.

The kids just love the Henson boys, and everyone had a good time.

Heading out trick-or-treating

The second dose of trick-or-treating

Halloween Parade

October 30, 2010

Each year the City of Longmont holds a Halloween Parade, and the kids just love it.

This year Tracy turned the wagon into a pirate ship.

We walked with the Boulder twins club again this year, and the kids won the after-parade costume contest for the club.

It will be a sad day when we no longer walk in this annual parade.

Fun at the Parade

In the costume contest

Pirate Lexi

Carving Pumpkins

October 28, 2010

Tonight we all spread out on the kitchen floor to carve our pumpkins.

The kids really got into it this year, and had lots of fun.

We gave Drew the little carving knife, which is relatively safe, and he cut out a very detailed face on his pumpkin....the first year he did all the carving!

The girls didn't carve their own, but they worked hard at scooping seeds and then colored their pumpkins with markers.

Hard at work.

Spooky Pumpkins
Notice Drew's pumpkin on the left....carved 100% on his own!

Wedding Cake

October 22, 2010

Tracy successfully delivered her very first wedding cake ever today.

Her nerves were quickly calmed as the cake started to come together.

The cake was amazing and it's a TracyCake, so there was never any question of it tasting good.

She was quite happy with the outcome as we left the church, certain that it would make for great memories for the bride and groom.

We took quite a few pictures of this cake. In fact, we probably have more pictures of this cake than the bride and groom!

Starting with a blank canvas, and it already looks good

Getting there!

Finished Product

Back of the cake
(yes, this is the back!)

Close up on the gum paste flowers


October 17, 2010

We met Aunt Jen, Hailey, Wyatt and Grandpa down at Anderson Farms to have fun and get some pumpkins to carve for Halloween.

Of course, we had a great time, and it is always good to see everyone.

We ended up seeing lots of people we know. Small world.

Now, let's play that game where you are given a hypothetical situation and you have to tell what you would do in that situation.

Here it goes: You are in the middle of a corn maze and both of your twin three-year-old-girls say they have to go to the bathroom.

Hmmmm. What to do, what to do.

Drew waiting to drive his barrel

Brie and Lexi on the barrel train


Navigating the Corn Maze

Grandpa with his Grandkids

Brie and her Mommy

Lexi with Daddy

Happy 6th Birthday Drew!

October 12, 2010

As if two parties were not enough, we held a third birthday party for Drew today on his real birthday, as we do every year on his actual birthday.

Drew with his Pirate Ship Cake

Blowing out the cannons, err...candles

Drew's Family on his birthday

Pirate Birthday Party

October 10, 2010

Today was Drew's first-ever kids-only birthday party.

We had planned for most of the party to be outside, but of course this is (literally) the only day of October where it will be raining.

After hours of scrambling this morning to adjust accordingly, the party went off without a hitch, complete with an indoor pirate ship and plank.

Drew with his Pirate Family on the plank before the party

The Green pirate ship ready for battle

The Brown pirate ship firing their cannons

Finding the Treasure in the haunted cave

Blowing out the candles
(Tracy's most intricate cake to date)
The candles were the cannons out the sides of the ship!

Pirate Cake Feast

Casa Bonita Birthday Party

October 9, 2010

We are planning a kids-only party (for the first time ever!) for Drew this year.

However, Drew still wanted a party with all of his family and friends who would not be at his other party.

What better place than the "king of big restaurants" as Drew likes to call Casa Bonita.

Come to find out, this place is hopping on a Saturday night. We had a great time nonetheless.

Cousin Evan enjoying the food

Aunts Jen and Laura with Uncle Joe and cousin Hailey

Mmmmm. Sopapillas.

Happy Birthday to you!

The real reason everyone showed up
Just kidding. Kind of.

Lexi gets a turn at the pinata

Tracy's Son

October 3, 2010

Getting out the Halloween decorations tonight, Tracy ran across her Scarecrow hat.

So, of course, whoever was closest to her soon became the Scarecrow.

Better luck next year, Drew.

Drew being a great sport