November 2011

A Lazy Day

November 27, 2011

We took it easy at home today.

The girls watched TV.

Daddy and Drew played chess.

Mommy, apparently, took pictures.

How does this happen?

What do you mean "checkmate?" Go to your room!


November 24, 2011

We had a big Thanksgiving celebration at our house today.

We have not had a big family get-together with both sides of our family for a long, long time.

What a great time!

Grandpa brought a pinata.

Nini and Lexity

Nini and Andrew

Lexi having a swing at the pinata


November 16, 2011

Mommy took the girls to the dentist today.

We have a great kid-friendly dentist.

The girls got to "help" their sister get her teeth cleaned.

Brie is ready to help

Brie is watching to be sure the dentist does a good job

Lexi in her get-up

Lexi the dental hygenist

Sharks Soccer Party

November 15, 2011

We had the end-of-season soccer party for the girls' team at a local pizza joint.

There was plenty of food, and plenty of room; it was a great time!

Another great season!

Sharks (and some brothers) in the restaurant window

Brie with Coach Daddy

More Window Fun

Bobcat Badge

November 8, 2011

Drew received his Bobcat badge at the Cub Scouts pack meeting tonight.

Way to go Drew!

All lined up, ready for the badge

Daddy pinning the badge on Drew's uniform