November 2007

The girls are 4 months old

November 1, 2007

Well- the girls just turned 4 months old and I realized we have not made an update in quite some time! Our little tiny babies have almost tripled in size since June 25th! Lexi is now weighing 11 lbs 11 oz and Brie has passed her up in size to a whopping 12 obs 13 oz!!! The girls are very smiley and are even starting to giggle!!!

Drew is still a GREAT big brother and we just celebrated his 3rd birthday!!! We feel so blessed- he really has not had much jealousy and thinks it is really great that his sisters like to smile at him! He got a big boy bike for his birthday and he has really blossomed into an independant little boy!

Toby (our dog) also has become quite taken with the girls. He walks around and looks for them in the swings, cribs, carseats, etc. He is SUPER gentle with them as well and they love looking at him too!

The girls are really good babies. It is really funny though- they share the same birthday and family but that is about it. They look very different and have COMPLETELY different personalities.

Lexi has become a HUGE Mommy's girl. The joke is that you have about 10 minutes to hold her before she starts crying because she wants Mommy. Even though she has a Mommy addiction, she is a VERY sweet little girl with HUGE bright eyes! She loves to squeel & "talk" (very vocal) and she is VERY strong- she even rolled over from Front to back last week!!!

Brielle is our little snuggler. She is a cuddly sweet little girl and smiles at EVERYONE!!! When she smiles it lights up her entire face and she is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! We think she may even end up with blue eyes. She is totally laid back and is already sleeping through the night (8:00-7:30) which is AWSOME!!!

Yesterday we celebrated the girls' first Halloween- they were little pumpkins and were VERY cute. Pictures will hopefully come soon! Drew was Lightning McQueen (surprise surprise) from the movie Cars. He LOVED trick-or-treating and RAN from house to house!!! When people answered their doors, he didn't just say Trick-or-treat, he YELLED it!!! It really made some people laugh! The girls did not enjoy their first time trick-or-treating quite as much, however. They came in their stroller to a couple of houses and got fussy so they went home early.

We are really enjoying being a family of 5 (well 5 and 1/2 including Toby). It is very surreal some days that we have 3 kids- especially two infants- but it seems like it is becoming more normal to us than having singletons. We hope everyone is doing well and would love to hear from you!