May 2011


May 30, 2011

Today we planted our first plants in our newly-built raised bed garden.

Jamie built the garden this year using a lot of leftover materials from when he built our deck, so it matches very well.

We are excited to see how the garden grows and hopefully get some good eats out of it.

Right side of the raised bed garden

Left side of the raised bed garden

Flatirons Mall

May 30, 2011

Before heading home from the BolderBoulder today, we took a side trip to Flatirons mall.

Can't remember what we bought, but we sure did get a cute picture while were there!

Learning how to be great shoppers


May 30, 2011

We had our annual trip to the BolderBoulder today, although this year nobody was running in the race.

Nonetheless, we all had a great time, and didn't get rained on for once!

The annual BB photo of the whole group

Backyard Smores

May 29, 2011

We had our first fire in our fire bowl in our back yard tonight.

Of course we made smores and the kids loved to poke at the fire.

Drew loved to roast marshmallows, but does not care to eat them.

Fire Fun

Sunflower Farm

May 25, 2011

Tracy went to Sunflower Farms today with the kids and some friends and some friend's kids.

Lexi on the tree house

Girls on the tire swing

Drew loved the rope swing

Brie crossing the rope bridge

Drew on the BIG hay bales

Brie and a Peacock

Last Day of Kindergarten

May 24, 2011

We still remember the very first day of preschool. Now, our little boy is officially a "grader."

Drew had his very last day of Kindergarten today. Mommy and Daddy (soon to be just Mom and Dad) are so proud.

Good Looking Kindergartener
(for another couple of hours)

Banging sticks in the musical program

Drew with Ms. Etherington

Sleepy Kids

May 21, 2011

Sometimes after a very long day, even the most stubborn of kids (ours) give in to the lull of the moving car.

Tired Kiddos

Soccer Party

May 19, 2011

Drew had his end-of-the-season soccer party today at Dairy Queen on a cold, rainy evening.

It's been a great season and Drew is looking forward to the Fall season.

Drew is proud of his soccer medal


May 16, 2011

What better place for young moms and their kids to meet than at Starbucks?

No comment.

Starting them early at Starbucks

Play Date

May 16, 2011

Looked outside today and the girls and their friends were playing "school" in the back yard.

Class is in session

Visit to the Dentist

May 16, 2011

Jamie took all three kids to the dentist today.

Surprisingly, it was a pretty smooth adventure with only a bit of apprehension from the kids.

No cavities, by the way, which is especially good for Drew since he playing for keeps with a couple of his permanent teeth now.

Brie was the brave first victim

Drew went next

Lexi went last and had the benefit of seeing her siblings make it through first

Daddy-Girls Church

May 15, 2011

Mommy and Drew were not feeling well today, so Daddy took the girls to church by himself.

Brie and Lexi by the fireplace at church

Bumblebees Soccer Party

May 14, 2011

Today was the end-of-the-season soccer party for Lexi and Brie's soccer team: The Bumblebees.

Jamie had a great time coaching this season and it looks like he and the girls will continue in the Fall.

Handing out soccer medals, one kid at a time on the "Bumblebees Stool of Honor"

Field Trip!

May 10, 2011

Today Jamie went with Drew on a school field trip to Sunflower Farms.

The kids all had a great time playing and Jamie had a great time trying to chase after the three boys he was assigned to bring back safely.

The best part was the zip line, which Drew did three or four times.

The most difficult part was Jamie trying to fit on a school bus built for small children.

Daddy and Drew on the bus

Drew and friends at the farm

Getting ready to go

Drew and Jacquelin
(Is her name spelled right? I have no idea.)

Lake Park

May 8, 2011

We had breakfast today and then went to the "lake park" for some play time for the kids.

The whole gang at the lake park

Casa Bonita

May 6, 2011

You can say what you want about Casa Bonita, but deep down inside, everyone likes this place.

The kids, of course, love coming here, and today we had a great time.

By the fountain waiting to go inside

Climbing on Mommy

Friends Visit

May 5, 2011

Friends Sam and Evan came over for a couple days while their new sister entered the world.

Tonight we had a toothpick dinner, and the kids created kabobs with their toothpicks.

Makes for a very fun dinner for everyone.

Eating with toothpicks

Lexi's kabob

Mommy's Birthday

May 4, 2011

Mommy's birthday is today, so Nona and PaPa came over to help celebrate with our family.

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Mommy receiving a present from her boy

The girls with Nona and PaPa

Not a TracyCake

Mommy's Birthday Card

May 3, 2011

Normally, making a birthday card for Mommy doesn't warrant its own blog entry.

But this year's card is no normal birthday card.

The kids made a ginormous card that must be unrolled to see it all.

Working Hard

Having Fun