May 2010


May 31, 2010

This is the second year that Daddy has run the BolderBoulder.

Last year the kids were upset because they didn't arrive in time (due to their own fault) to see Daddy cross the finish line.

This year Mommy was not only in the stands with the kids to see Daddy come into the stadium, but she also found time to have the kids create a giant "Run Daddy" sign.

There was no rain this year (unlike last year), and we again has the chance to have some nice food in a relaxing, private area upstairs. (Thanks, John)

Ready for Daddy

Keeping warm in the shade

Watching Daddy cross the finish line

Daddy and his cheering squad

Daddy with his Boy

Lexi and Natalie
(how cute)

When did Drew grow up?

The Whole Gang

Drew's Last Day of Preschool

May 25, 2010

As if we needed yet another indication that our little boy is turing into a big, grown-up boy, we all went to Drew's last day of preschool today. Tomorrow, he is a kindergartener.

And if that were not enough, this was Brie and Lexi's first day of preschool! Not really, but they both stayed with Drew today, which was quite unexpected, and spent much of the time during the program on the carpet with the preschoolers.

Ok, can we call a time-out for a couple of years?

Drew with his classmates

Brie on the carpet with the preschoolers

Lexi fits right in with the preschoolers

If you're wearing a shirt, stand up.

You are my moonlight, my only moonlight.

Singing their little hearts out.

Receiving his preschool completion certificate from Mrs. V.

Denver Zoo

May 21, 2010

The kids were very excited to meet cousins Evan and Natalie at the zoo today.

Oh, yeah, some adults were there too. Someone had to pay.

The kids loved the hyenas, because they are really into the Lion King right now


Group Photo

Peacock, which Brie LOVED and wanted to touch

Drew always has the map

Andrew having a good time feeding a bird

Brie feeding a bird

Lexi feeding the birds

Soccer Pictures

May 20, 2010

We took some pictures of Drew's soccer team at today's practice.

How cute is our boy?

Andrew Kaden

Drew with some teammates in the goal

Go team!


Play Time

May 5, 2010

Sarah and Taylor from across the street came over to play today, and the kids all ate dinner on the deck.

(notice the mix of leaves and water they used to create their "centerpiece")

Mommy's Birthday

May 4, 2010

Nona and PaPa John came over today to celebrate Mommy's birthday.

Of course there was cake (Costco lemon cake!) and ice cream, and it was a really fun evening.

Happy Birthday Tracy!

Tracy looking at Andrew's homemade card

Brie with her PaPa

Alexia is as cute as can be

Helping Mommy

Blowing out the Candles