March 2012

WaWa Cake

March 27, 2012

Mommy baked a cake and let the kids decorate it today.

It was an elephant cake, so it became a WaWa cake, which it fitting since it is almost WaWa's birthday (Easter)!

WaWa Cake

LEGO Office Car

March 7, 2012

Mommy told Drew about a LEGO contest to build a city car.

Drew went to his room and came out with an "Office Car" where you can ride around with your whole office.

He has always been quite creative with LEGOs.

Drew with his LEGO creation

Another view of Drew with his LEGO creation

Daddy-Daughter Dance

March 3, 2012

Tonight was the Girl Scouts "Me and My Guy" dance, also known as the Daddy-Daughter dance.

The theme was Alice in Wonderland, and Mommy has been working VERY hard to be sure the girls looked perfect, and more than succeeded.

Brie wanted to be Alice, but the Alice from the Johnny Depp movie.

Lexi wanted to be the Cheshire Cat.

Both looked great, and they could not have been more excited.

The dance was a LOT of fun. There were games to play, a jump castle to bounce in, and (of course) music to dance to.

Ready to Go!

Daddy with his Girls before the dance

Pinewood Derby

March 3, 2012

Today was Drew's first Pinewood Derby event.

The event started out a bit hectic as we realized that the yellow wheels we used were not within the rules, so we had to make a last-minute change to the standard black wheels.

The race went off without a hitch, but Drew's car was somewhere in the middle of the pack (pun intended for those who can spot it).

Drew was very happy, though, when he was called up to receive the award and medal for "Most Decals" on a car.

He was even more excited when he was called up to receive the First Place trophy for Best of Show.

(The artist in Mommy is more proud of this award than if he had won first place for speed.)

What we are most proud of is that while we both helped him with his car, Drew did the overwhelming majority of the work himself. Daddy cut the rough shape on the band saw, but Drew did all the shaping and sanding and painting himself, with direction from Daddy. And, Mommy helped with the technical aspects of placing decals so they would stick, but Drew had exact specifications for how it was going to be decorated and placed everything himself.

Win or lose, Drew and his parents had a really fun time creating this car and are looking forward to next year.

Drew with boys in his den before the races

Tiger Cub cars waiting to race

One of Drew's races

Drew after winning the "Most Decals" award

Drew with his car and winnings

Drew and Daddy with Drew's car and trophy