March 2011

Denver Zoo

March 31, 2011

We took a Spring Break trip to the Denver Zoo today. Busy, but we had a good time.

Of course, we only saw one peacock (for Brielle), and the red pandas (for Lexi) and mountain lions (for Drew) were not available for viewing. Neither was a suitable explanation as to why none of their favorites were not able to be seen anywhere.

Checking out the giraffes

Grubbing on a Picnic Lunch by Mommy

WaWa's Birthday Party

March 27, 2011

Today was WaWa's birthday, and so we had to have a party.

It quickly turned into the girls' stuffed friend's parties too.

Each kid decorated a special cake, and then got to eat a piece. They could not have had more fun, or made more of a mess.

Yet another childhood experience courtesy of Mommy that would never have happened if it were just Daddy.

Decorating the Birthday Cakes

Serving the Birthday Cakes
(Notice how each Birthday Friend is wearing a party hat.)

Drew enjoying cake on WaWa's behalf

We have a dog.
Sometimes we torture him.
Good Boy.

Texas Roadhouse Party

March 26, 2011

Brielle won a Valentines Day drawing contest at Texas Roadhouse, so she and nine of her friends got to have a party there today.

It was somewhat crazy, but a lot of fun. All ten kids had their own table and the parents had their own table. It is crazy to think that the kids are grown up enough for that now.

Brie was as happy as could be

Half of the Kid Table

Drew and Sam enjoyed the party

What to eat, What to eat. . .

Living Room Campout

March 25, 2011

It's Spring Break so you have to do fun, out-of-the-ordinary things, like camp out in the living room.

Just the kids slept here, but we all joined in on the fun for a few moments to snap a picture.

Family Indoor Campout

Cute Girls

March 19, 2011

You just have to take pictures when you see this.

Twin Sisters

First Soccer Game

March 19, 2011

The girls had their first Spring soccer game today. Drew had a game, but he got sick and didn't make it.

Jamie is coaching the girls team again this season. They are all super-cute and having a good time.



Leprechaun Traps

March 17, 2011

Drew's kindergarten class had an optional project to create a Leprechaun Trap for St. Patrick's Day.

Drew and Mommy worked hard to create a pot 'o gold with a false bottom. The trap sports some gold on top and a Leprechaun wife to entice the little fellow's into the pot where they will be instantly trapped.

Drew showing his trap to the rest of the class


March 9, 2011

The kids LOVE to have a sleepover at Nona and PaPa John's house.

We were sent the following pictures of how well behaved our little ones are.

They sure will have a lot of good memories of Fridays at Nona and PaPa's house.

Andrew getting ready for bed

The sleepover won this round.