March 2009

Second WaWa's Birthday

March 27, 2009

Today was the fourth "birthday" of when Drew received his very first WaWa.

We celebrated today as Second WaWa's birthday, because she is loved the most.

Mommy and the kids all made a special cake and cupcakes for the party, which was at Nona and PaPa John's house after our usual Friday night out and about.

We try to enjoy special times like these, having a birthday party for a "talking pet," because you never know if it will be the last of that experience.

Historical Note

For those of you who may not know, WaWa is a name Drew gave to his little blue stuffed elephant, which he (over time) was given about eight and two others that are similar but bears and yellow.

Mommy and Daddy named the little blue thing Waddlesworth, after some parrot in a Disney movie that happened to be playing around that time. Being a tiny boy, Drew took Waddlesworth and turned it into WaWa.

Over time, Drew started to be able to tell the difference between them all, thwarting our efforts of having a backup in case one got lost.

But WaWa's name has changed over the years. It started as James, but then quickly changed to Jack. Jack stuck around for a while until a new name, Second WaWa, was given. And that name stuck.

Yes, there is a First WaWa, and we aren't actually sure if First WaWa was named before Second WaWa or not, and we have no idea in what order they were actually given to Drew.

We do know that Second WaWa (or 2Wa2 as Jamie writes it) is loved the most, followed by First WaWa and the other WaWa's are just there as filler.

We have fond memories of having to ask Drew which WaWa was which until we were able to tell the difference, too. At first, Second WaWa had only one of her eyes worn off, whereas First WaWa had both eyes worn a bit. Time has taken its toll on Second WaWa, who now has two very worn eyes.

If, as an adult, you could every love a stuffed animal, we love that silly Second WaWa through the love we have for our boy who has placed such an importance on his "talking pet" as he calls her. She has a voice that we love to hear Drew use, and it is very obvious to us when Second WaWa is speaking and when it is Drew. When it happens we will surely be unaware when Second WaWa says her last word, but that will be a sad day indeed.

(to the tune of Puff the Magic Dragon)

WaWa the talking pet, lived with Mitty.
Going just about everywhere allowed by Mommy and Daddy
Little Andrew Kaden, loved that elephant.
She played all day, and with Andrew, in bed each night was spent.

Together they would travel, through the yard and to Disney World.
There's no doubt, to that little boy, she's the most special little girl.
Growing up together, getting lost so many times,
Mommy and Daddy searching high and low, avoiding Andrew's cries.

WaWa's live forever, but no so little boys.
Talking pets and fuzzy friends make way for other toys.
We know this day will happen, Second WaWa speaks no more.
Silence for this talking pet, no more to be adored.

For now we will be thankful, grateful for our boy,
He loves his WaWa, cares for her, more than other toys.
He is growing up too fast, just as all boys do,
Come slow the days of "Mom" and "Dad" and no more WaWa's "Goo!"

Second WaWa's Birthday Cake

Kids with the Cake

Andrew with Second WaWa on her birthday

Drew with all the guests at the party

Drew helping Second WaWa to open her gift from Nana and PaPa John

Drew helping Second WaWa to blow out her birthday candles

Drew at Second WaWa's Party

Cute Girls

March 20, 2009

Daddy was cooking dinner on the grill tonight, and as he walked along the deck to head inside he saw two little girls on the chair looking out at him.

They were too cute to not take a picture.

Brie & Lexi looking out the back window

Daddy-Drew Night

March 16, 2009

We try to make some special nights just for our little boy. With two little twin sisters demanding, well, everything, we want to make sure he has some special time just to himself.

Sometimes it is painting pottery with Mommy, but tonight it was swimming and McDonalds PlayPlace with Daddy.

Daddy & Drew at the end of the night

"Grace's Cabin"

March 15, 2009

Our good friends the Williams family invited us to go camping in a cabin near Estes Park. We could not, due to other prior committments, but we were able to join them for a day at the cabin.

(Funny thing, this adventure was changed due to prior committments, but this adventure itself was a prior committment for something else we were invited to. Busy weekend!)

Drew named this "Grace's Cabin" because he and Grace had such a good time playing together.

This was our kids first real camping-type experience, and they all had a great time.

Before the day was over, they all were an absolute mess, Drew was bloody and had ripped his jeans, we all smelled like campfire, and we got to see some deer and elk.

This will definitely NOT be our last time doing this sort of thing. We live in Colorado, after all, we should do this much more often than once every four years!

Brielle on the cabin's steps

At the Campsite

Drew and Grace exploring

Drew and the Great Outdoors

Gathering wood for a fire

Even Second WaWa got in on the "getting dirty" action
(shown next to First WaWa who, sadly, could not go)

Casa Bonita!

March 14, 2009

We met for dinner tonight at Casa Bonita with the whole Deba crew.

It was a wonderful time and we were all very happy that Uncle Joe and Aunt Laura not only found and purchased some great-priced gift certificates, but refused to let us pay for our portion....a very nice gesture!

As usual, and as is customary, we ate more than we should have, then ordered sopapillas.

We spent a long time exploring and playing. It was a great night. Getting back home we found that we wished we had taken more pictures, but that must mean we had too much fun to get the camera out.

As we exited, all the kids got their own "Fanky Malloon" which is an odd way of saying "balloon on a string."

Mommy and her girls with cousin Hailey

Cousins looking up at the waterfall

Playing after dinner

Do you have your Fanky Malloon?

Back Yard Play

March 1, 2009

Andrew spent a long time in the back yard today, just playing by himself.

He came in at one point with a fully-developed plan for how he was going to connect the tractor to the wagon. It was just a good plan (which would have worked had we been able to fashion a pin that fit the garden claw correctly) that Daddy decided to let me try scotch tape instead. A whole roll of tape.

Drew could not have been happier as he went about taping everything together.

Quite a bit of time passed as he worked diligently to get it to work, getting upset anytime grass got on the tape....which was quite a lot.

When all was said and done, the tape held as Drew drove the tractor, pulling the wagon, about 25 feet to his Park. He then proceeded to get off and play in that part of the yard.

Over 45 minutes of work to drive 25 feet and that's it.

Oh, to be a kid again.

Ready to Drive

Having Fun!

Left in the Dust

I made it!