March 2008

Sidewalk Chalk

March 29, 2008

Drew absolutely blew us away today when playing with sidewalk chalk.

We were busy cleaning the garage when we looked and saw that Drew wrote his name!

We knew he knew how to spell his name, but he has never written it before.

He sure is growing up so fast.

Drew standing on his name he wrote for the first time

Drew's second name writing

Two Cute

Barb's Headstone

March 23, 2008

Jamie's Mom's headstone is now in place at Fort Logan National Cemetary.

We had a chance to see it after all of the Easter activities today. It has been two months and a day. Sometimes it seems like much longer and sometimes it seems like just yesterday.

We all miss her very much.

Easter 2008

March 23, 2008

We tried something a bit different for Easter this year. We had a big gathering with extended family at Champp's restaurant near Park Meadows mall and then had a smaller gathering after for an Easter egg hunt.

Great Grandma Wright ("Grandma W"), Aunt Shirley (Great Aunt--in both senses of the word) and Lexi

Grandpa with Drew and Cousin Hailey

Aunt Jen, Aunt Laura and Cousin Wyatt

Grandpa donning the Easter Bunny's head to calm Hailey's fears

Drew and Hailey with the Easter Bunny

Alexia with the Easter Bunny

Brielle with the Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny brought us bubbles!

(A caption would only take away from this one.)

Easter Egg Hunt!

Grandpa with Lexi and Brie

All Five Grandkids
(Exactly 48 pictures of this pose were taken to get a reasonably good one.)

Welcome Madison!

March 22, 2008

Today Tracy went to visit her friend Michelle and her new baby girl Madison, who was born on March 21st.

Tracy holding Madison

Corey, Michelle and Madison
Sons Mason (5) and Camden (3) at home terrorizing the grandparents

A New Smitty Hat

March 22, 2008

Today the Easter Bunny (Nona and PaPa John) brought Drew a new Smitty hat which is just like the real Smitty's hat (Imagination Movers).

He also received a great-looking bright orange Imagination Movers T-shirt which he many times refuses to take off. He cried when he got it wet and it had to be dried before he could wear it again.

He is the Imagination Movers #1 fan and it really made his day when he was recently surprised by an email from the real Smitty himself!

We have no idea how Smitty found out about Drew, but Jamie thinks that some type of Google Alert or search led him to our family blog.

It really blew us away that he would take the time to send such a nice email to our little boy.

How many kids who think they actually have the same name as their favorite TV/Music star get an email from them? What a great role model for kids Smitty is.

Drew in his Smitty hat

Thatcher's Birthday Party

March 15, 2008

We traveled to Aurora today for Thatcher's third birthday party. Thatcher is a friend of Drew's and Thatcher's parents are our friends from college.

Parachutes are always fun

Jamie and Lexi with Chris and Charlotte Dragon
(Friends From College)

Softball Practice

March 15, 2008

Jamie has joined a recreational softball team and the first practice was today.

Coincidentally, today was also the day Jamie realized how many muscle groups are required for softball that are not required for sitting in front of a computer.

Drew watching Daddy bat

Drew and Daddy



March 13, 2008

Every year Tracy's MOPS group invites the "POPS" to join them.

Tracy decorated the cake, there were lots of people and games to play and Steve Foley (of Denver Broncos fame) was the speaker that night. It was a very fun time.

Tracy with her good friend Michelle

The Cake

Jamie's Favorite Part

First Eye Doctor Visit

March 11, 2008

The girls had their first visit to the eye doctor today.

Although what the optometrist can see is limited (better one, or two?) everything checked out just fine for both of them.

Yes, they really do make infant-sized disposable sunglasses, and yes, they make babies look every bit as foolish as adults.



The Williams Family Visits

March 9, 2008

Our friends Gabe and Robin came to visit today with their kids Grace and Brady.

We always have a great time when we get together and today was no exception.

The kids all love to play together and their parents like to hang out as well.

(We promise that Gabe and Robin were there, we just didn't happen to take any pictures of them.)

Drew and Grace

Drew Driving Brady



A Warm Winter Day

March 1, 2008

Today we took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and spent much of the afternoon outside.

Drew played with his friend Sarah from across the street while Alexia and Brielle played on the front lawn with Mommy and Daddy.

Lately Drew has insisted that we call him Smitty. More than that, he thinks he is Smitty! Smitty is his favorite member of the Imagination Movers.

"Smitty" (aka: Drew)

Brielle and Alexia

Daddy and Brie

Drew and Sarah