June 2010

Play Time

June 27, 2010

Our kids just love playing with Sarah and Taylor from across the street.

Tonight they were all at our house and took a break for some dinner.

Being forced to look at the camera

Birthday Celebration

June 25, 2010

Each year on the kids actual birthday we have a small party to celebrate.

This year was no exception.

Besides, why not make two more big cakes?

Loving their princess cakes

The whole family

Opening presents!

Drew "bought" his sisters presents this year "all by himself" so he also made special wrapping paper for them.

Uncle Randy was visiting and got to celebrate with us.

Birthday Party!

June 19, 2010

Brielle and Alexia's birthday party was today, and boy was it a lot of fun!

The weather was hot, but that's better than rain!

Lexi the Kitty

Brie the Puppy

Drew the Puppy

Brie taking a crack at the pinata

Lexi aiming for the pinata

Ready for CAKE!

Opening Presents!

Quarter Century

June 18, 2010

Tonight was PaPa John's Quarter Century celebration dinner in honor of his combined 25 years at IBM and now InfoPrint Solutions.

It was a wonderful meal at the Boulder Cork, and we got to meet some of his colleagues, and it was great to celebrate with everyone.

Congratulations John!

Enjoying the celebration

Receiving a plaque

Opening cards

More cards

Vacation Bible School

June 17, 2010

Tonight was the program and ice cream social for Vacation Bible School, which all three of our kids participated in this year.

It was a pirate theme, which was perfect for Drew. Always a lot of fun.

Drew's Crew

Drew, Lexi and Brie singing on stage

Peter Pan

June 15, 2010

Tonight was another Mommy/Drew date night, and they went to Boulder's Dinner Theatre to see Peter Pan.

As always, Drew required them both to dress nicely (although for BDT, that is always the case), and they had a great time.

Drew continues to just LOVE these special times with Mommy.

Drew loved the bread

Having a great time with Mommy

Camping with Daddy

June 5, 2010

Drew got to have a special camping trip with Daddy. We didn't go far, just to Union Reservoir, which is about two miles from our house.

There was plenty of fishing, plenty of finding just about anything to burn, and then swimming the next morning.

There will definitely be more little camping trips in our future.

Setting up camp, ready to fish, very sunny.

Still ready to fish now that the tent is set up

Fishing on the dock

Relaxing by the fire

Cooking dinner, having a blast

Zoo Membership

June 2, 2010

Every year we purchase a membership to somewhere. This year it is the Denver Zoo.

It wasn't but a couple of weeks ago that the kids were at the zoo, but they never seem to get tired of this place.

Observing the giraffes

All three "posing" with the polar bear
(Is it really that hard to just look at the camera?)

All three kids having fun

Brielle with the bear statue

Lexi needing to adjust her hat

Lexi and Daddy

June 1, 2010

It's not very often that Lexi will stay still long enough to let Daddy hold her. Tonight was a rare opportunity, so we had to capture a picture.

Gotta love that