June 2008

Children's Museum

June 30, 2008

Jamie took this week off of work, so today we took the kids to the Children's Museum in Denver.

It has been a long time, before the girls were born, and it was odd to see the girls playing with the same things Mitty did just a couple years ago.

Drew really liked it as well, and was able to do things he never was old enough to do before.

We bought a membership and will definitely be back, at least for the next year while the membership is valid!

We made a quick stop by REI after the museum to look at toppers for our October road trip. Didn't buy anything, just looking for now.

Can you tell these pictures were taken with our mini-camera (still 5MP) because we forgot our normal camera?

Crawling around.

Drew carrying around Lexi
(which he now loves to do to both girls)

On top of the world!

Brielle in the Garden

Lexi standing with the help of a stool

Brie and Lexi in the Garden

Curious Kids

Mommy and Lexi

Daddy and Drew building something

Mitty in front of REI

Happy Birthday Party!

June 28, 2008

Today was the birthday party for our one-year-old girls.

The plan was to have a beach party with lots of water pools, slides, etc. so that all the kids could get wet.

The weather in the morning was not very nice and it looked like it was going to be a bust, and we started brainstorming alternate plans.

Fortunately, the weather cleared, it got very hot (but not too hot) and the beach party went off without a hitch.

Now, to see the water bill next month. . .

The whole cake display
(Tracy outdid herself yet again!)

A cake for each girl

The bigger kids loved the water slide

The splash pool was fun too

Brie liked the water table

The alligator spray pool was also a big hit

Pose for pictures before destroying your cake!

Let's work together on this

Lexi dug right in

Brie took her time

A great, tiring party. Brie was happy Aunt Shelly was visiting from Minnesota.

Happy Birthday!

June 25, 2008

Today is Alexia and Brielle's first birthday.

Tracy (of course) made a special cake just for today.

Jamie quit work early so we could all go swimming at the Longmont Recreation Center. It was a lot of fun and the girls really seem to like the water.

Afterward, Nona and PaPa John came over for a short, but very nice birthday celebration.

We can't believe that the girls are already one year old, and we keep thinking back to where we were exactly one year ago at this time.

Happy Birthday Girls!

PaPa John with Brie and Lexi

Opening presents

Brother helping open presents and making sure they are fun to play with

Let's get on with the cake!

Lexi eating her cake

Brie eating her cake

The Aftermath

IBM Carnival in the Park

June 21, 2008

While Tracy attended a cake decorating conference in Denver today, Jamie and the kids met Jamie's Dad and Ann at the park behind IBM for a special kids carnival day.

There was an obstacle course for kids in Drew's age group, which he didn't want to do at first but was then happy he did and then sad that he didn't win.

There was also plenty of food, plenty of sun, and an overall great time.

Drew has his number for the race

Drew stocking up on popcorn to fuel himself for the race

Lexi and Brie meeting a boy

Waiting our turn

Through the tunnel . . .

. . . out of the tunnel . . .

. . . back and forth . . .

. . . in and out of the donut . . .

A race well ran.

Joe and Ann

Worn out and curious.

Summer Fun

June 17, 2008

Today Tracy took all the kids to Michelle's house (Mason and Camden's house to Drew) for swimming.

Ready to ride

Slip sliding fun

Lexi and Brie had their pool too!

Camden, Mason and Drew in the swimming pool

Pre-Father's Day Father's Day

June 14, 2008

With so many fathers, we had Father's Day with Tracy's family a day early.

Earlier today we were in Denver and tomorrow will be just for Jamie.

Pomi and Andres

Jamie and Cindy

Tracy and her Dad

Lexi, Nona, Nini

Brielle playing with Uncle Brian and Auntie Sarah

Haily is five!

June 14, 2008

We traveled to Denver today to attend cousin Hailey's fifth birthday party.

It was a really nice day as far as weather goes, and it was a great party with a pony theme.

And, yes, there was a real, live pony too!

Haily with her parents (Jen and Tadd)

All the kids and the Pony
(yes, this is the best picture we got)

Drew petting the pony

Drew finally being brave

Drew remaining to be brave

Alexia and Uncle Joe

Mommy and her girls

Drew blowing bubbles with everything he has

Content with the last bubble

Pig Tails

June 13, 2008

Tracy was very excited today when she tried to play with Lexi's hair.

They don't stay in very well, but she can officially have her hair done up in pig tails!

Alexia Jean

Last day at VBS

June 13, 2008

The whole family went to see the last couple of minutes of the last day of VBS.

Drew was amazing with all the singing and dancing. He really liked it and was very good at all the hand motions timed with the music.

Singing and Dancing

Worn out and very sweaty

A prayer to end the week

VBS Ice Cream Concert

June 11, 2008

Drew has been in Vacation Bible School (VBS) all this week.

Today was an ice cream social and short concert by the kids.

Drew was very shy and didn't want to get up in front of everyone.

He went with Daddy near the front and eventually saw his friend Mason up there and went up there with him. A brave little boy. No pictures of this, but it happened.

A shy Drew and Daddy

Swimming Lessons

June 8, 2008

Drew had his first swimming lesson today.

He was very excited and did very well.

Two of his friends, Mason and Camden, were also in the same "class" with him.

Drew is ready to go!

Getting the class together

Kicking on the wall

Lying back in the water

Motorboat, motorboat . . .

Garage Sale!

June 7, 2008

Tracy and her good friend Michelle put together a joint garage sale today.

Sure, the husbands helped out, but that was just helping to watch the kids and collect the money.

It was a very warm day, and we had the perfect location. We were able to get rid of a lot of stuff and collect some cash at the same time.

There ended up being no pictures of Michelle or Tracy. They must have been too busy taking pictures...or chasing kids...or organizing stuff...or changing diapers...or feeding hungry young ones...or getting sunburned...or...

Jamie and Brie collecting money

A very sleepy Alexia

Brie loved the stuffed animals

Corey and Maddy

Nona and Papa John stopped by to help for a bit

Asleep at the Meal

June 6, 2008

Sometimes when you have had enough, you have had enough.

Alexia sleeping in her high chair

Brielle sleeping in her high chair

Breast Cancer Cake

June 5, 2008

Tracy volunteered to make a cake to be auctioned at an event to raise money to help a breast cancer patient.

She did this even though she had a thousand other things on her plate at the same time.

It ended up going for quite a bit of money at the auction. Jamie figured it would.

Visit Nini and Pomi

June 4, 2008

Tracy and the kids joined Nona today for a visit to Johnstown to see Nini and Pomi.

Nini with a sleepy Brie

Pomi and Lexity

Nona and Brielle

Mitty on the back deck of the house

How'd that happen?

June 3, 2008

Somehow Alexia ended up in Drew's play stroller today.

Just had to snap a few photos.

Alexia in the stroller

Ready for Preschool

June 1, 2008

Mitty received a special package in the mail today.

It was a new lunchbox, a new backpack, and several other new items from the Imagination Movers!

He is very excited to go to preschool in the Fall, and now he is all set with the necessary carryable containment items.

Mitty with his new lunchbox and wearing his new backpack
(wearing an Imagination Movers shirt)