July 2011

Chuck E Cheese and Butterfly Pavilion

July 30, 2011

What a very full Saturday we had today!

After getting a late start because of a late night last night, we decided to make a fun day for the kids.

We started at Chuck E Cheese in Superior, then we headed over for a brief visit to the Butterfly Pavilion, and we finished the night at church before heading home for dinner and bedtime.

The kids had a BLAST, and we certainly can say we lived this day to the fullest.

Mommy and her girls at Chuck E Cheese

You would think our kids like each other

Drew and the turtle

All three kids held Rosie the taranchula and received a special sticker

Visiting Natalie

July 29, 2011

Tracy and Drew headed down to Aurora for three days to watch Evan during the beginning of this terrible ordeal.

Drew was a great helper and Evan seemed to really enjoy the time, even in the circumstances of being separated from Mommy, Daddy and Sister for the first time like this.

There are plenty of other outlets for information on this subject, so we will not be going into any details about the surgery, because this is not the place and we are not the ones to divulge any of this. But it definitely deserves a place in our family blog.

Drew at the Children's Hospital


July 25, 2011

Tracy and Drew headed down to Aurora today to help watch Evan while Natalie and her parents dealt with some pre-surgery stuff.

Drew was fantastic in his help with Evan, and Evan sure does like to do whatever Drew does.

Natalie and Evan eating breakfast

Drew was a GREAT helper today

Each Day

July 23, 2011

We have been shocked to learn that our little 22-month-old neice Natalie has a very serious brain tumor.

There's nothing to say and really nothing we can do to change anything.

We went to Aurora today to have dinner and play a bit. It was a very fun time, tempered throughout with looming surgery and who-knows-what beyond.

Again, there's nothing really to say, so I will stop trying to say it.

Natalie with Daddy

Drew having fun at the "king of little restaurants" - Qdoba of course

All the kids but Brie in the fountains at Southlands
(Brie was in the fountains, just not in this picture.)

Lexi and a very surprised Drew in the fountains

Angry Birds Cake

July 23, 2011

We normally don't post blog entries for the cakes that Tracy creates, but this one has to make it to the blog.

A real, working Angry Birds cake. Wow.

The whole cake
(tough to see detail when you get the whole thing in the shot...just like the game!)

Close up on the birds and pigs

Park Day

July 19, 2011

Tracy met Willow and Tyler at a park in North Denver today to let all the kids play. It was a lot of fun for everyone and great to see people you don't see too often.

The whole group!

Exploring Park

July 16, 2011

Daddy and the kids went to the "Exploring Park" today, otherwise known as Rogers Grove in Longmont.

The kids love to come here to explore, but today was the first time that we brought all three of their bikes.

We started by having a pizza picnic dinner, then we headed out exploring. We finished, as we always do, as the "stone table" where the kids all head off on their own to find something to share with everyone else. Sometimes it's a leaf, other times it's an old, broken sprinkler head. You never know what the kids will return with.

Brie riding her bike

Lexi loved having her bike at the Exploring Park

Could not keep up with Drew enough (in the far background) to get a good picture

Pretty Girls

July 9, 2011

Just had to take some pictures of our girls today in their dresses!

Lexi and Brie looking very pretty

Estes Park

July 7, 2011

On a whim today, our family packed into the car and headed to Estes Park, against the guidance of the weatherman.

We did have some rain, but that only made us stay inside certain shops longer.

The day was great, we stayed mostly dry, we had some good pizza and stopped at the Colorado Cherry Company store that we always see en route but never stop at.

Drew and Daddy at Poppy's

Brie is looking good outside of Poppy's restaurant with the river behind her

Lexi with the super-high and high-flowing Fall River in the background

Beach Bums

July 3, 2011

The Williams family gave Lexi and Brie some "Beach Bums" presents for their birthday, and Mommy had them all decked out with them today.

Too cute to not snap some pictures.

Having donned the hats but the rest of the present still intact

Having a great time and looking good!