July 2008

Crawdad Fishing

July 24, 2008

On a random whim, we packed up the kids and headed to the Rough and Ready Park for some crawdad fishing.

Tracy pulled Drew in the bike trailer behind her bike and Jamie ran behind them with the two girls in their jogging stroller.

Every time we do this we always meet new friends who want to join in. We are always happy to share and it is always a lot of fun.

Today was no exception. We caught a few, including a big mama crawdad, if that is not an oxymoron.

First catch of the day

The girls were happy just hanging out in the stroller

Daddy and Mitty fishing together

Drew, Tracy and a bunch of new fishing friends

They are probably thinking this is their last meal.
Well, technically second to last.
(we let them all go back in the pond right after this picture)

Coloring Fun

July 23, 2008

A rare thing happened today.

All three kids were busy working at the same activity.

Don't be fooled, though. These pictures fail to depict how quickly such a moment passes.

Soon after this, all three were off in their different directions, as they usually are.

Hard at work

All three kids had a great time

Brandon's Birthday Party

July 13, 2008

Drew's friend Brandon had a 4th birthday party at Sandstone Ranch today.

It was a perfect location for such a hot day.

We all had a great time.

Lexi and Brie in the water jets

All three kids in the water

Drew and the rest of the kids running around to find the pirate treasure

Drew and his share of the booty

Sarah's Birthday Party

July 12, 2008

Today we celebrated Auntie Sarah's birthday with some cake and presents at Nona and PaPa John's house.

It was two days early, but we made sure not to tell her.

Nona, PaPa, and their three grandkids
(If you only knew how hard it is to get a picture such as this one)
(Don't believe it? Look at Drew's right arm. . .)

Drew assisting in the extinguishing of the birthday candles


Family Fun

July 11, 2008

We took some pictures of our regular family activities today. No special event or anything, just a glimpse into our everyday lives.

Hardly a day goes by where a couch fort is not built

Daddy and his baby girls

Tired Boy

July 10, 2008

After a long day today, Drew just gave up and fell asleep on the family room floor.

He was still holding "Spider" the spider.

We couldn't help but snap a few photos.

Drew and Spider

He must have had a really fun day

Fourth of July

July 4, 2008

We had a small, mostly indoor BBQ for July 4th.

Jamie spent a lot of time in the hot sun in front of a hot grill, but the meal turned out pretty good and made it all worthwhile.

Drew and Nini on the park's lower level

Pomi taking a turn on the slide
(Drew is a convincing little boy!)

Drew's turn now

A little apprehensive around the fireworks

Music Video Day

July 3, 2008

We had such a great, last-minute idea to spend today filming our family for use in a music video featuring one of Mitty's favorite Imagination Movers songs.

Suffice it to say that production quickly came to a halt, but we did get some nice photos.

We may try this again . . . someday.

Brie and Lexi testing their boundaries

Drew looking cooperative on his park
(there would be a music video posted if that were true)

Lexi having fun on the blanket

A Trip To The Parks

July 2, 2008

After the girl's nap today we decided to try to take Drew to the "splash park." This is a park near our house which has some water jets coming out of the cement for the kids (and adults) to play in.

Drew's friend (and, according to him, future wife) Sarah was outside across the street. So, we invited her to go along too.

The title of this entry is correct because the water jets weren't on when we got to the park. Too bad we had to fully unload everything, stroller the girls, and walk about a half mile to figure that out.

While most parents would have simply given up and forced the kids to settle for the playground, for some crazy reason we decided to pack up and move to Splash Park number 2.

It was well worth the extra effort and all the kids had a great time.

Lexi and Brie ready to go at Splash Park #1

Drew and Sarah walking to Splash Park #1

Drew and Sarah returning defeated from Splash Park #1

Fun (finally) at Splash Park #2

Drew about to get wet, courtesy of Sarah

Brie having fun hanging out in the wagon

Lexi as cute as ever in the wagon

There's always time for the tire swing

The day at the parks ended on the playground

Sleepy Girls

July 2, 2008

Sometimes the girls are just too cute to not take pictures.

Alexia and her bunny-turned-pillow

Brie enjoying a bottle before nap

Drew's Fire Truck

July 1, 2008

For some, still unknow reason, Drew decided that he was going to build a fire truck with Daddy today so he could ride it.

Jamie was not sure how he was going to get past that one, but then he came up with an idea to turn Drew's play truck into a fire truck.

So, out came the red Thomas the Train Christmas wrapping paper (what would you use?) and the duct tape.

It was a lot of fun for Drew, and he was as creative as ever.

The fire truck was complete with lights on top (baby sister's shoes and duct tape), a hose (water hose to a water toy and duct tape), a ladder (cardboard from a diaper box and duct tape), a crank to raise and lower the ladder (piece of sidewalk chalk, lid to the sidewalk chalk, duct tape), and a name plate with headlights (poster board from the girl's birthday party and, you guessed it, duct tape).

Proud Smitty and his fire truck.

Pretending to drive to Johnstown to rescue Pomi from his roof
(straight from Drew's mouth)