July 2007

No More Oxygen

July 28, 2007

It has taken a while but we are finally making an update!!! The girls turned 1 month old this week and they are doing great! Lexi is now weighing in at 7 lbs 3 oz and Brie is 7 lbs 1 oz (Drew was 7 lbs 4 oz at birth so they are finally the size of a full term baby). Our pediatrician was VERY pleased at their progress and expects them to continue to gain weight steadily!

Brie also graduated from her Oxygen yesterday (She had to have it while eating)- which is very good news because she HATES the Oxygen tube under her nose. Every time we put it on her she pulls at it and tries to get it off- little cutie. So she has now had multiple meals without the oxygen and is doing great! She seems to have a very mellow, easy going personality and rarely cries. She LOVES baths and is very cuddly. She seems to look more similar to Mommy's baby pictures and has more of Mommy's coloring. She is a very sweet and beautiful baby girl!

Lexi is also doing wonderfully! She has been a little pistol from the start and has shocked everyone by her constant progress! She has huge eyes and is very alert much of the time. She likes to move and "talk" all the time! It is really cute- she coos when she is happy and grunts and groans if she is uncomfortable. Even though she is very vocal- she also does not cry often (unless she is hungry) and is also very good natured! She definitely looks like Daddy and also similar to Drew's baby pictures. She has more of his coloring and a full head of hair. She is a very sweet and beautiful girl!

Drew is loving being a big brother! He has been EXTREMELY helpful and loves holding the girls and having 2 baby sisters! He has not been jealous and has been VERY VERY good at sharing his Mommy & Daddy. Nona & PaPa John bought him a little carseat and stroller so he has been a great "parent" to his WaWa's (little blue stuffed elephants) and mimics the actions with the WaWa's that we take with the girls. It seems like he has grown leaps and bounds in the past couple months. He makes us laugh all the time and we are so proud of him!

Our family is doing great and so far (knock on wood) we feel more relaxed than we did after Drew's birth. Jamie & I are taking shifts on sleep so we are each getting good chunks of sleep and staying rested. Friends and family have been very generous and helpful and have been bringing us meals and helping out with Drew and the girls and it has been SO wonderful!!! We feel so loved, supported, and VERY blessed! Thank you so much for your continued prayers, love, & support!

Settling In

July 10, 2007

It is great to have both girls home from the hospital. It is not easy making sure they both eat every 3 hours and keeping up with Drew and the rest of life's responsibilities, but it sure is great not having to drive for hours every day.

Right now the girls are still sleeping much of the time, which is a great transition period. We are sure that this will change in time, adding a whole new level of complexity to our everyday lives, but we are trying to enjoy all that each day brings.

Drew is settling in to his new role as Big Brother. He likes to help with the girls but also likes to play with Mommy and Daddy like always. He seems to have grown up a lot in the two weeks of craziness after the girls were born. We missed him a lot and are happy to be able to spend more time with him again.

Jamie is going to start working again this week (a little) and then is full bore again next Monday. Tracy is also experiencing the "corporate life" even as a stay-at-home Mom: A tripling of her responsibility with no extra pay.

Everybody Home

July 8, 2007

Brielle is home!

In standard roller coaster-style, we were able to bring home both our girls late on Saturday. We called Children's Hospital to check on Brie and were told she was back on oxygen because she did not do too well at her 3:00am meal. We immediately asked to try her off of the oxygen because it seemed a bit odd. She did fine off the oxygen. However, when she eats, her oxygen saturation dips. The only change is that she is eating much better. This leads us to believe that she is using more time/energy/air/etc. when she eats, leaving less oxygen to actually be used. After a long day of trying to determine if she could still come home with us it was determined that she could, with oxygen during meals. We were very happy and were able to leave the hospital around 9pm on Saturday.

Obviously with two girls at home along with their big brother, things are VERY busy. However, it doesn't compare to what we have been through in the past two weeks. Just waking up this morning knowing that we didn't have anywhere to go was the greatest feeling.

Both girls are doing very well and seem to be continuously gaining weight. Being the neurotic parents that we can be, we had Brie on oxygen overnight, which she proceeded to remove herself halfway through the night. We will take her to a checkup at the pediatrician on Monday or Tuesday.

It is great to feel like a family again. A much bigger family. Now we are working on finding the right schedules, routines, etc. that will get us through the next 18 years.

Fingers Crossed

July 7, 2007

We expect Brielle to be discharged from the Children's Hospital later today. She is eating well after having her "gazpacho" tube removed. This is the tube to her stomach through her nose. It isn't really called a gazpacho tube, but Jamie can never remember the real name. She is eating better because of the tube being removed, by coincidence, or because Jamie bribed her with enchiladas. We're not sure.

Alexia is doing great at home. She had her first checkup at the doctor on Friday and passed with flying colors. She continues to amaze everyone at how well she is doing. Just yesterday she was begging her mom to help her bake a cake.

Will update again once we know if Brie is coming home or not. We are looking forward to having our whole family at home for the first time!