January 2012

Nuggets Sleepover

January 27-28, 2012

It was Scout Night at the Denver Nuggest gave vs. the Toronto Raptors.

Daddy and Drew had a great time watching the game (Nuggets won!) and then Drew was in the first group of two scouts to get a chance to head out on the floor to shoot some free throws.

Then it was outside to move the car to the overnight lot and to get all of our campout supplies.

Around 11pm we were let in to the club level where it was a mad dash to stake your claim for the night.

After setting up camp it was almost midnight, and time for The Lion King to start. (Yes, you read that right.)

A bit before 2am the movie ended and we headed to bed, only to be up at 7am for breakfast and to be home before 9am.

Drew can't wait to do this again next year!

Drew and friend Jeremia Posing

Andrew is looking tough!

Working on Pinewood Derby

January 26, 2012

Drew and Daddy are trying to get an early start on his Pinewood Derby car.

Daddy is trying hard to have Drew do as much of the work as possible. In fact, so far, the only thing Jamie has done alone is to cut the rough shape on the band saw. Drew even got in on working the rotary tool.

Drew hard at work with sandpaper

Looking good so far!

80th Birthday Party

January 14, 2012

Tracy's grandfather (kids' great-grantfather) "Pomi" celebrated 80 years today with a big family gathering.

We all met up at Mimi's Cafe in Loveland, and we had their private area for several hours all to ourselves, which worked out perfectly.

Don loves Tracy's chocolate cake with caramel frosting, which is normally not a decorated cake. But, that just would not do for your grandfather's 80th birthday, so as usual, Tracy came through again with an amazing cake that Don loved to eat.

The Whole Group

It was delicious!

Don and Shirley

Drew was ready to sit an eat!

The Immortal World Tour

January 8, 2012

One of Tracy's Christmas presents was two tickets to the Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil show at the Pepsi Center.

She chose to take her husband with her.

The show was fantastic! Many parts seemed to be right out of the show he was creating when he died.

Tracy at the show