January 2008

A Very Sad Day

January 22, 2008

Early this morning Jamie's mother died after a long, bravely-fought battle with ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease.

Jamie's father and all three of the children were with her.

She loved her family and had an especially special place in her heart for her five grandchildren.

We will miss her very much. There is an emptyness that will surely fade with time but never completely go away.

The extended Deba Family Extended Deba Family
March 2007
(All five grandchildren are pictured.)

Barbara Deba Barbara L. Whitmore-Deba
June 23, 1948 ~ January 22, 2008

Rice Cereal!

January 13, 2008

It is unbelievable, but the girls are already 6 1/2 months old!!! They are growing like little weeds! Alexia now weighs 14 lbs 0 oz (8%)and is 27.5 inches long (93%). Brielle is 16 lbs 2 oz (45%) & is 26.75 inches long (75%). They are doing great and just had rice cereal for the first time today!!! Lexi LOVED having real food and fussed when we took too long to give her another bite. Brie on the other hand HATED the taste of rice cereal. She would gag and purse her lips together so that we couldn't get the spoon in her mouth. She was not happy with us for trying to "poison" her.

The girls are still as different as can be. Lexi is still a Mommy's girl and is most happy when she is sitting on Mommy's lap while being entertained by someone else (especially her big brother!!!). She is very vocal and squeals when she gets excited. She reaches for EVERYTHING and loves to play! She is a very active little girl and keeps us on our toes.

Brielle is a very laid back little girl. She "goes with the flow" on pretty much everything! She has a wonderful little disposition and has really been finding her voice lately. She loves to roll from her back to her tummy and will automatically flip when we lay her down on her back at night. She has the cutest giggle (Drew can REALLY get her laughing) and is our little cuddle bug.

Drew is an absolutely WONDERFUL big brother! He loves to make his sisters laugh and they LOVE him!!! When he walks into the room their little eyes just light up. Drew had a busy week this week- he had to get 4 stitches!!! He was in his room, dancing and singing and he tripped over his bed. He feel right into the corner of his rocking chair and split the area to the left of his left eye. We took him to the ER despite him telling us that "it is feeling a little bit better!" and got him stitched up. He was extremely brave and we were really proud of how he did in a scary situation. He got the stitches out yesterday and his cut looks really good. Our toddler is OFFICIALLY a little boy!

We had a great Christmas and the kids had a lot of fun. Lexi & Brie thought the wrapping paper was the best gift of all and Drew enjoyed all the presents, boxes, and leaving cookies for Santa. We did get to see Santa a couple of times and Drew was cautiously excited.

Life at the Deba house is very busy but a lot of fun. The older the girls get, the more fun life becomes. We feel very blessed with our 3 beautiful kids and are excited to see where the coming months take us!

First Solids

Thatcher Visits

January 12, 2008

Our friends Darrenn and Willow visited today with their two sons Thatcher and Gunner.

Jamie made some cuban sandwiches on his new sandwich press.

We had a great time and Thatcher and Drew love to play together.

Drew and Thatcher playing with Lincoln Logs

Playhouse Disney Live

January 10, 2008

We had great seats (7th row on the floor) to see Playhouse Disney Live at the Busweiser Events Center in Loveland, Colorado.

Andrew loves to dance and sign along with his Disney friends and tonight was no exception.

At the end of the show there were tens if not hundreds of kids that crowded into a pseudo mosh pit at the front. This was quite disconcerting for Mommy and Daddy; especially for Mommy who later saw a different mother frantically searching for her lost child (who was later found).

We look forward to the future when (hopefully) the Imagination Movers will come to Colorado. Drew would really get a kick out of that concert just like Playhouse Disney and the Doodlebops a few months before.

Drew dancing before the show

At The Doctor

January 10, 2008

Alexia and Brielle had their 6-month checkup today and big brother Drew took his doctor kit to help.

We are very lucky to have an amazing pedeatrician, Dr. Rosquist, who Drew calls "Doctor Roses."

The checkups went fine, but the truly memorable part was how Drew would emulate everything the doctor was doing with his toys.

Later on that evening Drew was seeing Mommy and Daddy in his doctor's office and would not allow us to refer to him as anything but "Doctor Deba."

Dr. Drew and "Dr. Roses"

Drew Gets Stitches

January 6, 2008

It is well-known that Andrew loves to dance and jump and play.

Well, it was bound to happen that he would lose his footing and end up with stitches.

That is exactly what happened today when Drew was jumping around his room. He tripped over a corner of his bed and landed with a loud smack on the hard wood of the rocking chair.

Soon we found ourselves at Longmont United Hospital with a very brave and very tired boy getting four stitches to sew up the wound. He will get them out in six days.

On the way to the hospital he kept pleading to not go to the doctor, saying that he feels much better. We almost gave in to him, but in the end decided to listen to the gaping wound to the left of his left eye instead of to Drew's arguments for why he doesn't need to go.

Drew with stitches

Christmas At Grammy and Grandpa's House

January 5, 2008

Varied schedules and our family being sick prevented an on-time Christmas celebration with Jamie's family.

We could not, of course, miss getting together so we just moved our Christmas to January.

The Whole Family
(Jamie is taking the picture)

Daddy and Lexi

Aunt Laura with Hailey and Drew

Henry Comes To Visit

January 4, 2008

Derena, a high school friend of Tracy's, and her son Henry came to visit today all the way from Montana.

Drew and Henry