February 2013

Brie and her Pinewood Derby car

February 28, 2013

The Pinewood Derby is coming up really fast, and Brie still has to finish her car!

Daddy and Brie had a lot of fun today crafting the car out of the block of wood. Mommy will help with the decorating.

We're going to make it!

Brie sanding her car

Lexi makes her Pinewood Derby car

February 27, 2013

We are coming down to the wire with making Pinewood Derby cars this year. Tonight was Lexi's turn to make her police car!

This is the girls' first year making these cars, and they were so excited and had a blast!

Lexi working to sand every bit of her police car

Drew and his Pinewood Derby car

February 24, 2013

We got a late start this year making Pinewood Derby cars. Drew started his first since he is the Cub Scout.

This year Drew wanted to make a taxi. A great idea!

Drew blowing dust off his car as he sands it smooth

2nd Grade Showcase

February 26, 2013

Today was the 2nd grade showcase for Andrew. Nona and PaPa John joined us to watch the event.

What a great way to show all sorts of things Drew does in 2nd grade!

Nona with Brie and Lexi waiting for the showcase to start

Drew with his class performing at the showcase

Lexi and Tweety Bird

February 9, 2013

Lexi loves the big Tweety Bird that Daddy gave to her. This stuffed bird used to be Daddy's when he was her age.

There is a picture of Daddy sleeping with Tweety, and now we have the same picture but with Lexity.

Lexi with Tweety Bird

Daddy with Tweety Bird

Cub Scout Pack 65 Blue and Gold Banquet

February 9, 2013

Today was the annual Blue and Gold Banquet celebrating another great cub scouting year as well as the birthday for cub scouts.

Drew and his den put on a short skit, and we all had a great meal.

Drew at the Blue and Gold


February 2, 2013

Drew played his very first basketball game ever today. He was very excited and had a very good time!

It sure seems that he is growing up so very fast.

Drew lining up to play basketball