February 2012

Congratulations Drew!

February 29, 2012

Daddy made an off-the-cuff deal with Drew that if he reached a certain level of reading, he could smash a pie in his face.

Well, Daddy went to go pick Drew up from school, and he was really excited. It turns out that Drew has reached the point where he can pick any book from home that he wants to read now, and just log his time.

This technically fulfilled the requirements, so Daddy was a good sport and followed through on the deal.

What better way to spend Leap Day than with a pie in your face?

Pie-smashing aftermath

Drew "helping" Daddy to clean up

Cub Scouts Blue and Gold Banquet

February 25, 2012

Today was the big Blue and Gold Banquet for the Cub Scouts.

This is also the day Drew received his Tiger Cub badge he has earned.

Tracy outdid herself again with the gigantic cake for the evening.

What a fun night!

Drew at the Blue and Gold Banquet

Receiving Tiger Cub badges

Drew with his Tiger Cub badge

Another AMAZING TracyCake!

PaPa John's Birthday Breakfast

February 25, 2012

Today we helped PaPa John to celebrate his birthday with a big family birthday breakfast.

What a great time!

Happy Birthday PaPa!

Drew helping PaPa to read one of many special memories everyone wrote down as a gift

The Deba kids helping PaPa to open his presents

Computer Account

February 17, 2012

Drew was explaining to Daddy today how he has his very own username and password for the computers at school.

Daddy asked Drew if he wanted the same on the kids' computer at home. Of course he jumped at the chance.

After setting up the account, he needed to choose his desktop background, and of course he wanted it to be himself with Jack.

Drew and Jack

LHS Basketball

February 16, 2012

Daddy has been taking varied sets of his kids to see some basketball games played by Longmont High School.

Today was the first "away" game at Silver Creek High School, also in Longmont.

It was a great game.

Lexi and Brie both like to watch and emulate the cheerleaders.

After the game as we were leaving Brie pointed out some cheerleaders to Daddy, and Daddy suggested that she go say "hi" to them.

Not being shy at all, that's exactly what she did, and they were very nice to her.

Daddy thought quickly and asked if he could snap a quick picture.

Brie with some friendly LHS cheerleaders

Snow Fort!

February 4, 2012

We recently experienced a blizzard, so today we were out making a snow fort and snowman.

Well, Daddy made the snow fort and the kids made the snowman.

The fort had stairs up the back, a slide down from the top and a comfy pillow inside.

After a couple hours of snow play, it was time to come inside for some hot chocolate.

Posing with the snowman

This angle didn't work

"We did pretty goood!"