February 2009

Grammy's TV

February 28, 2009

Tracy brought up Grammy's TV from the basement today so that the kids would stop pestering her about watching a "boy show" (we won't say which kid was pestering) while she recorded some DVR'd shows to DVD.

The kids absolutely loved this new TV, but Drew really has a hard time with the rewinding aspect of VHS tapes or not being able to pick and choose which episode on the tape he wants to watch over and over.

Drew calls it the Tornado TV because we have used it for two trips to the basement in the past during tornado warnings.

Andrew, Alexia and Brielle watching TV

Fun at the Park

February 22, 2009

Today we decided that it would be fun to get the kids out of the house and go to the park.

It was not the warmest day ever, but it was warm by Winter standards.

Jamie convinced Tracy that the Rough and Ready park was the same distance away as our neighborhood park. She reluctantly relented, and it was a very fun time. Jamie subsequently mapped the two distances and had to admit that the Rough and Ready park is almost twice the walking distance. Who knew? It seems so close as he runs by it morning after morning.

Alexia about to slide down

Brie on a different slide

Daddy pushing Brie and Drew

Andrew Kaden
(and Toby waiting patiently)

PaPa John's Birthday

February 20, 2009

In what may be becoming a tradition, we all headed down to Denver today to Casa Bonita for PaPa John's birthday.

As usual, we all ate too much, played some games and had a wonderful time.

Nona and Lexity

Waiting for the Puppet Show

Most of the group
(someone has to take the picture, after all)

Lucky Mitty gets his shot at the pinata




You Always Hear Stories...

February 17, 2009

Yes, it happened to us.

Tracy started noticing a lot more dog hair around the house, in big clumps. Everywhere.

While cleaning it up she realized it wasn't dog hair, it was little boy hair!

Drew cut his own hair today, resulting in a buzz cut to fix the damage.

He just got his best hair cut ever a couple of days before, too.



Our Little Boy

February 9, 2009

Our boy may be growing up, but he is still a little boy.

Daddy was out (somewhere...can't remember) during normal bedtime, and Drew had a hard time going to sleep because Daddy is the one who always puts him to bed.

So, Drew came downstairs and was playing (as usual) in the couch cushions, and promptly fell asleep.

Our big baby boy

It doesn't get any better than this