February 2008

The Mearing's Come Over For Dinner

February 27, 2008

Our neighbors James and Jennifer and their daughters Sarah and Taylor came over tonight for dinner.

Jamie was making Chicken Madeira and there was extra so it was a perfect evening for an unplanned dinner get-together.

Drew and Sarah are great friends and they loved to play tonight.

Drew and Sarah Watching TV

Random Picture of Brie

Going For A Walk

February 27, 2008

Being the great Mom that she is, Tracy decided that everyone (including the dogs) needed to go out for a walk today.

Jamie was just as surprised as you are that not only can Tracy take two dogs and three kids for a walk, but she can also capture a few photographs along the way.

Drew Walking Shiloh
(not really . . . Tracy had a 2nd leash on Shiloh)

Alexia and Brielle Having Fun

Longmont Museum

February 24, 2008

The Longmont Museum has a temporary "Return to Route 66" exibit that we went to see today.

Drew loved the classic cars but didn't care too much to look at photos on the wall.

He did really like the interactive water display which lets you block and release water is a variety of places in order to get the water where it is needed.

Drew and a Corvette

Drew Playing With Water

Drew Pretending To Be A Tree

PaPa John's Birthday Celebration at Casa Bonita

February 23, 2008

We got together today at Casa Bonita with Tracy's parents and her brother and sister-in-law to celebrate PaPa John's birthday.

Lexi and Brie slept much of the time, which is never a bad thing.

Drew was afraid of the "growler" (gorilla) at first, but then he got over that quickly and had a wonderful time. It was a very fun day.

Tracy and "PaPa John"

Brie, Brian, Lexi, Jamie

PaPa John and Drew

Drew Tossing Coins In The Fountain

Drew's First Drawing

February 21, 2008

All of a sudden Drew came to us today with a drawing of real shapes that actually resembled what he was telling us they were.

We were quite proud of him. He then proceeded to draw several more pictures that all resembled real objects. Our boy is growing up.

Drew's First Drawing

Mommy and Brie

Daddy & His Girls

PaPa John's Birthday

February 20, 2008

Mommy and the kids went to spend some time with PaPa John on his birthday today. We will celebrate with everyone soon.

There were waffles and plenty of them.

PaPa and Lexi

PaPa and Brie

Drew Pushing Lexi
(in Drew's old walker)

Fun With Nona

February 18, 2008

Nona came to visit today. Everyone had a lot of fun. Except Jamie, who was upstairs working.

Nona and Lexi

Nona and Brie

Drew Wearing Nona's Glasses

Shiloh Moves In

February 17, 2008

Jamie's mom's dog Shiloh moved in with us today. We are her temporary home while we find the perfect permanent home for her.

She is a great dog and we are happy to have her with us for a while.

Shiloh and Brielle

Downtown Aquarium

February 17, 2008

Today we met Darrenn and Willow and their kids at the Downtown Aquarium. It was an absolute mad house. All of the kids had a lot of fun.

The most fun was had after we braved the crowds inside the main building and headed to Sharkey's Fun Zone which is a little-known play area for kids.

Drew and Thatcher

Tracy, Willow, Brielle, Alexia and Gunner

Daddy and Drew

Brielle, Gunnner, Alexia

Hanging Out

Trip to Denver

February 16, 2008

Today was our first visit to Fort Logan National Cemetary since Jamie's mom's funeral.

After a short visit we met a lot of Jamie's extended family for dinner at J. Alexanders in the Park Meadows area.

Fort Logan

Andrew, Great Grandma Wright (Grandma W), and Wyatt (cousin)

Great Aunt Nancy, Hannah (cousin, once removed?), Great Aunt Georgi, Angela (cousin, once removed?)

Grandpa, Drew, Grandma W

Mason's Birthday Party

February 16, 2008

Today Drew went to his very first "on location" birthday party. His friend Mason is 5 years old.

Good Eats

Pro In The Making

Hanging Out

February 15, 2008

A normal day today in the Deba household.

Thought it would be good to show some day-to-day photos.



Mommy and Lexi

The Girls

Saddle Up

Drew Goes To Work

February 11, 2008

Jamie accidentally left his office door open during a break from working and returned to find Andrew sitting in his chair "working" on the computer.

It was especially funny when we noticed he had grabbed the hands-free telephone earpiece and was trying to put it on like Daddy does.

Drew Working

The Deba Blog has started

February 8, 2008

After multiple years of maintaining a blank family website, we are finally launching TheDebas.com.

We hope to update this site as often as possible with as many pictures as possible. Check back often!

Also, over time we will be filling in some "historical" entries, many of which will come from the Care Page we kept after the girls were born. This is not a small task, so it will take some time to fill in.

If you would like to get an email whenever we update this site, please send us an email and we will make sure you are on the distribution list. (Hint: Use the Contact Us link at the top of this page.)

Drew eating "Twinkle Star Chicken Nuggets"

Big Girl Baths

February 6, 2008

Brielle and Alexia have officially outgrown the kitchen sink for bathtime!

It's important to note that Tracy has had both girls in this tub at the same time, but this didn't leave an extra hand to work the camera.