December 2010

New Years

December 31, 2010

As has become tradition, the Williams family joined us for New Years Eve and into New Years Day.

This was our third annual such event, and we always have a lot of fun.

It is fun to see how the kids grow from year to year and how they are becoming more and more independent each year.

All six kids watching a show before bedtime.


December 25, 2010

We also hosted Christmas dinner this year.

Cousins Evan and Natalie were there along with Auntie Sarah and Uncle Brian. Of course Nona and PaPa John were there, too. It was a great time!

Either we were too busy preparing food or we just didn't take enough pictures. Either way, you only get what you get. (And you don't throw a fit.)

Drew's present from Nona and PaPa was taller than he is!

Christmas Morning

December 25, 2010

After a too-short sleep in Drew's room last night, the kids were up bright and early to see what Santa had left them.

What great kids we have.

Christmas morning as it should be for three kids

Christmas Eve

December 24, 2010

We had Christmas Eve dinner at our house this year. Aunt Jen was there along with Grandpa and Ann.

We did make-your-own pizzas and had a great time.

Ann with all the kids

Drew enjoying his Christmas Jammies

Lexi loves her new kitty from Grandpa and Ann

Brie can't contain her love of her new "walking puppy" from Grandpa and Ann

Sleepover in Drew's room so Mommy and Daddy can stay up until 5am setting up new beds for the girls

Wyatt's Birthday

December 18, 2010

Cousin Wyatt had his birthday party a few days early this year, so we all headed down South for the fun.

The highlight of the party was a face-painting clown, and the girls looked fantastic. Drew flat-out refused.

Happy Birthday Wyatt!

Our little Puppy Brie

Lexi is Hello Kitty

Jamie's Birthday

December 7, 2010

Jamie had a very low-key 33rd birthday today. Dinner at Deli Cioso and cake at home. Perfect.

The whole family

Drew helping Daddy to blow out his candles on the kid-decorated TracyCake

Cherry Creek Mall

December 3, 2010

Continuing the years-long tradition, Tracy and the kids went to the Cherry Creek Mall today with Nona and PaPa John to see their Christmas decorations.

This year did not dissapoint. Santa was there, of course, along with a bunch of interactive Narnia exhibits. What could be better? Oh, yeah, seeing Tangled, too. What's even better than that? How about being the only ones in the theater?

After just spending a lot of time walking through the Narnia exhibits, Drew was perplexed. Several minutes into Tangled, he calls over to Mommy, indicating that he thinks they have sat down in the wrong movie theater. How cute!

PaPa John, of course, volunteered to take most of the pictures. Therefore, while we assert he was there, you will never really be sure, will you?

The kids were excited to see Santa.
This was Lexi's very first non-crying year.

Playing with the "snow" in Narnia

Waiting to see Tangled