December 2009

New Years Eve

December 31, 2009

It has become a tradition for the Williams family to join us for New Years Eve each year.

This year was, of course, no exception. We had a nice meal, the kids love to play with each other, and we ended up talking until two in the morning, practically missing the new year at midnight.

Jamie had the great idea of creating his own bubble wrap floor for the kids to jump on, but used the small bubbles instead of the big bubbles. Suffice it to say that the only thing to pop was the whole idea as it quickly revealed itself to be a bust. There's always next year.

Our two middle kids. Very similar in personality.

Grace and Drew in the Hippo Tent

Playing around the Hippo Tent
Even Toby.

Ready for Dinner!

Ready to turn in, but will never admit it

More From Drew

December 29, 2009

Drew took some more pictures by himself with our small digital camera today. They were just too much fun to not include in the blog.

This time he took a few pictures of himself, even putting on his Mover Suit (all by himself) halfway through.

A self-picture by Andrew

Notice how Drew is now in his Mover Suit

How cute is our boy?

Holding his sword from Cinderella's Royal Table making an "Argh!" sound


December 25, 2009

Even though we do much the same each Christmas, the kids are so different year after year that it seems all brand new.

We started the day by waking up to stockings filled with all sorts of presents.

Next, we opened a few gifts before Jamie made his standard Christmas Breakfast Feast.

After recovering from the meal, we opened the rest of the gifts and then headed over to Nona and PaPa John's house for an extended family get-together.

Coming down the stairs on Christmas morning

Digging into the stockings

Is there anything else in Santa's big red bag?

Daddy handing Drew the key to the secret compartment in the box he built for him

Drew LOVES his hand-made (by Mommy) Warehouse Mouse!
(Is there ANYTHING Tracy can't do?)

Christmas Breakfast Feast

Brie with Cousin Natalie

Tracy with her new neice

Our kids with the Papa John winter hat they gave to PaPa John

Auntie Sarah and Uncle Brian with the new cousins

Christmas Eve

December 24, 2009

It was a low-key Christmas Eve this year. Quite a bit different than any other in memory.

We started with dinner out at Texas Roadhouse and then came back to our house.

With a mix of sickness and being out of town, it was us and Grandpa this year.

The kids had a great time, and always like opening their Christmas Jammies on Christmas Eve before setting out cookies, milk and reindeer food along with a note to Santa.

Andrew and Grandpa

Brie opening her present

Lexi looking at her present

You will never guess who decorated this gift

All ready for Santa!

Tea Party

December 23, 2009

After over half a year of work, Tracy finally completed her hand-painted tea set.

What better way to celebrate than with a tea party!

Yet another experience the kids would never have if Mommy wasn't there to give it to them.

Lexi eying the cookies

Ready for tea

Having fun at the tea party

Mother-Daughter Christmas Tea

December 20, 2009

Tracy, her mother, and the girls were invited to a special Christmas tea this year.

Everyone got dressed up and headed to the Fox Hill Country Club for a very unique and fun day.

Lexi really enjoyed the chocolate-covered strawberries

A very sleepy Brie and Nona

Preschool Party

December 17, 2009

Today was Andrew's preschool Christmas party, which included a program of songs sung by the little tykes.

Who would have thought that a bunch of kids singing on a makeshift stage could be so captivating and fun!

Our little boy is surely growing up, but he is still little.....for now.

Andrew singing his heart out

PaPa John keeping Brielle busy

Lexi loves Nona

Santa Kids

December 11, 2009

Each year since Drew was brand new, Tracy has taken a picture of all our kid(s) with santa hat(s) on.

It is really neat to see how they change over the years, and the pictures are always super cute.

Cute as can be

WaWa Party

December 11, 2009

Lately, we have given Drew more freedom with our smaller digital camera than we probably should. We are sure that it will probably end up broken, but sometimes the pictures he ends up taking are just too cute.

We never know what to expect when we take the pictures off of the camera, and today's batch was extra cute.

It seems as though Drew spent the time to cut out a Smitty Hat for his treasured Second WaWa, and then he lined up a lot of his favorite stuffed animals on his bed for a photo shoot.

Next came a special photo shoot just for Second WaWa on the table in his room with his autographed Imagination Movers picture, and WaWa on top of his birthday cake Fantasia Broomstick, next to his firetruck.

All of WaWa's friends lined up on Drew's bed
Notice WaWa's Smitty Hat

A different setup with Second WaWa
Notice that only his special WaWa got to join in this photo with his Movers

Pottery Painting

December 9, 2009

Tracy loves to take the kids to Crackpots.

Today, the girls painted some unique plates, and everyone had a lot of fun.

Brielle and Alexia painting their plates

Happy Birthday Jamie

December 7, 2009

Today was Jamie's birthday. Nothing too big, just a nice dinner at Deli Cioso and some TracyCake back home afterwards.

A nice, relaxed birthday.

The kids "helped" opening presents

Jamie got three birthday cakes
one decorated by each kid

Twins Club Christmas Party

December 6, 2009

We went to the Twins Club Christmas party today in Erie at the recreation center. What a great place to have this!

There was some great food, lots of things for the kids to do, and everyone had a great time.

Top it all off with the chance to see Santa and you have a great day for the Deba family.

Mommy and Lexity

Working hard on a snowglobe craft

Having a great time!

All the kids playing up on the stage

Lexi stopped long enough to get a picture of her

Drew and Brie loved the parachute games

What a great photographer!
Not just anyone can get all three of our kids to look at the camera at the same time.

Cherry Creek Mall

December 5, 2009

In what has become a long-standing tradition, Tracy and the kids went to the Cherry Creek Mall today with Nona and PaPa John to see their Christmas decorations.

Not only did they get to walk through the Polar Express setup (one of Drew's favorite movies), but they also got to see Santa.

Drew and Brie had no problem with Santa, but Lexi screamed her little head off. What is even more cute is that the picture below is almost identical to the picture here last year, just the kids are one year older. Same Santa, Drew and Brie are smiling, Lexi is screaming her little head off.

Will she like this picture someday?
(we LOVE it!)

All Aboard!

Catching a few snowflakes inside the big globe

"I'm Tired."