August 2008

Grandpa's Birthday

August 30, 2008

We traveled to Parker today to have a cookout in celebration of Grandpa's birthday.

It was a great day with perfect temperature, a great location, and great food cooked by Uncle Joe.

Grandpa holding Brielle

Tracy with Cousin Wyatt
(her nephew)

Brie modeling Grandpa's sunglasses

Drew and cousin Hailey playing basketball with Uncle Tadd

Grace and Brady Visit

August 24, 2008

Drew was very excited that Grace and Brady came over to visit tonight, and he supposes that he was happy they brought their parents along too.

We had a nice visit as always. Jamie decided a couple of weeks ago that he wanted to try smoking some pork in the backyard grill.

One type of pork (pork shoulder) was very, very good. The baby back ribs were ok. The pork spareribs were not so good at all.

The kids had a great time too. Next time we see each other there will be three kids in both families!

Drew and Grace watching a TV show together

Brady getting comfortable in the comfy chair

Drew's Centerpiece

August 24, 2008

All of a sudden today Drew told us to come to the kitchen to see his "centerpiece."

We had no idea what he was talking about, but as we followed him into the kitchen we soon saw what he meant.

He had decided to make a real centerpiece, complete with real flowers.

Now, we don't know for sure how he even knows what a centerpiece is, let alone how to make one, but we figure it is probably something that Ruby did on Max and Ruby.

Jamie was not 100% thrilled that his boy made a centerpiece, but thought it was darn cute at the same time.

Drew posing next to his centerpiece

A closer view of the Centerpiece

Drew's First Day of School

August 22, 2008

Drew had his first day of preschool today.

We had such big plans of how wonderful it would be and how he would love it a lot.

And, as you have probably guessed, it didn't turn out quite that way.

Drew was, shall we say, reluntant to enter the classroom.

Skipping many of the insignificant details, we left him as his teacher was nicely carrying him into the classroom as he stared at us over her shoulder, crying and with the most terrible look of terror we have ever seen him have.

Tracy, of course, was also crying and it just didn't turn out to be a good first day experience.

Fast forward two hours and forty minutes later and we both met Drew outside of the front of the school.

He ended up really, really liking preschool and said he was excited to go again next time.

This whole experience reminded us that Drew still is such a little boy and how innocent he really is. We are definitely glad to be past this experience, but were happy that our little baby boy ended up having a good first day of school.

Listening to the Imagination Movers sing their First Day of School song has not been the same since. It is a lot more meaningful to us now.

Drew's special outfit for his first day of school

Drew wearing his special Imagination Movers backback
(which he absolutely loves to wear)

Looking good on his first day of school

In the parking lot at school, ready to go

Rough and Ready Cookout

August 21, 2008

On a whim we decided to have a cookout with crawdad fishing at the Rough and Ready park today.

This is the park that Jamie runs through most mornings, and it has a great little picnic table area with a built-in grill.

We invited our neighbors from across the street (The Mearing's) to join us, and it was a very fun adventure.

Unfortunately, the water was a bit low, and had been for a while, so the crawdad fishing was difficult and not very fruitful, but James caught one.

The evening ended very quickly as it got dark and the mosquitos started attacking...but we had a fun-filled time by that point anyway.

Editor's Note: Tracy was actually there too, but she must have been taking all the pictures, because there are none to prove this.

Alexia in the tent that Tracy set up for the kids

Brie's turn in the tent

Jamie lighting the charcoal
(Anyone following Jamie's running blog may be interested to see part of his "normal path" in the background of this picture.)

Drew playing Hide and Seek with Sarah
Drew is hiding in the Bocce Ball court while Sarah seeks in the Horseshoe courts

Crawdad Fishing

James being more determined to catch something than anyone else was

Jamie and Drew Crawdad Fishing

A "Great" Visit

August 10, 2008

After the nearby Prudential Picnic, we stopped by the Dilger's house for a short visit.

This is aptly named a "Great" visit because we got to see the kid's Great Grandma W, Great Aunt Shirley, Great Uncle Mike, and Great Aunt Nancy.

We thought it was great that they were happy to have us over on very short notice.

It was great to see many people we don't get to see too often.

Great Grandma "W" with Lexity

Great Aunt Nancy, Great Aunt Shirley, and a great baby Brie

Grandma W with Lexi, Shreck, and the ever-present pointy finger

Prudential Picnic

August 10, 2008

Grandpa invited us to Clement Park today for a Prudential company picnic.

The weather cooperated nicely and we have a nice, cool time.

There was a magician, games for the kids, face painting (Drew declined), and lots and lots of food!

We really enjoyed ourselves and are looking forward to next year's picnic.

Lexi and Aunt Jen

Cousin Wyatt

Drew with Cousin Hailey in the jump castle

Hailey and Drew

Drew and Hailey and the posing Magician
(look at Drew's finger and the magician's finger)

Drew and "Bear" who was won at the horse race
(it doesn't get any better than this)

Drew and Hailey getting ready for the three-legged race

Drew and Hailey executing the three-legged race

About to go home, but still having a good time

Boulder County Fair

August 9, 2008

We made it to the last day of the Boulder County Fair well as the Farmer's Market beforehand.

It was very hot, and the rides didn't open until we were about ready to leave, but it was still a fun-filled day.

Drew and friend Camden looking at cows

Drew and an old tractor

Drew and a different old tractor

Mommy and Lexi

Drew driving the train car
(Mommy had to ride with him to get him to go)
(each had to pay two dollars!!!)

Wiped Out

Drew enjoying his ice cream cone

Drew really enjoying his ice cream cone
(just look at his shirt)

Nebraska Overload

August 1, 2008

Tracy dressed all three kids in their Nebraska best today before their weekly Friday night visit at Nona and PaPa John's house.

PaPa was wearing a Nebraska shirt when we arrived, so we had to get them all together. Nona and Second WaWa both pretended to be wearing Nebraska shirts.

We were able to get one or two good pictures.

Lots of whistling, hollering, waving and, yes, even jumping was involved to get this picture.