August 2007

To "e" or not to "e"

August 7, 2007

It may have slipped by most of you. It nearly slipped by us. Looking back at our email and carepage updates you may have noticed that sometimes Alexia is referred to as "Lexi" and sometimes as "Lexie."

One of us was spelling her name one way and the other a different way. Now, without mentioning who was using each spelling, we can officially announce that Jamie will change his spelling to "Lexi."

We are all doing well and all three kids are growing up very fast. Andrew is just as cute as can be. His language development is progressing at an increasing clip and he continues to amaze us with how well is is "coping" with the sudden addition of two new baby sisters.

Lexi(e) and Brie are about the size now that Drew was when he was born. That is about 7.25 to 7.5 pounds. We have recently been looking at photos from when they were born and they are MUCH bigger. We are still a 24-hour operation with meals about every three hours. We have the go-ahead to let them sleep at night as long as they will let us, but the girls just didn't get the memo.

Tracy is holding up well trying to keep two baby girls happy while also playing with, wrestling with, and (it sometimes seems) herding Drew. All of this while fulfilling the role of milk factory in order to keep Brie and Lexi well-fed and still build an ever-increasing stockpile.