April 2009

Call's Visit

April 26, 2009

The Call family came over for dinner tonight.

As usual, we all had a good time, and the kids really had fun playing together.

Ok, which one of these suspects spilled the milk?

Garage Sale

April 25, 2009

We had a very successful garage sale today.

It was a very cold, cloudy and drizzly day, so our success was even that much better.

Not any pictures from the actual garage sale because we were too busy with the sale!

We did capture some pictures of all three kids when they spontaneously sat down to watch the neighbor work on his yard. They sat and watched and Drew asked a lot of questions for what seemed like 20 minutes.

View from the Garage Sale

View from the Neighbor's House

Garage Sale Setup

April 24, 2009

We have plans to hold a Baby Stuff Galore! garage sale tomorrow.

This week's perfect weather is supposed to get bad just in time for the weekend, so Tracy's parents have offered their large garage for us to hold the sale.

Tonight we moved all the stuff over there and set it all up. It works very well.

Garage Sale Setup

Add some drywall and you have a consignment store

Where did we store all this stuff at our house?

That's right, in the middle of everywhere.

Playing on the Deck

April 24, 2009

Today was another very nice day to be outside.

Drew is really starting to like to be the one to swing the deck swing, and then he jumps up on the swinging seat and then repeats the process when the swing has sufficiently slowed.

Lexi was his victim, er, um, swingmate today.

Drew helping Lexi to swing on the deck

Playing on the Park

April 22, 2009

The weather is getting warmer and warmer and that means more time to play in the back yard.

We are very glad we decided to get Drew his new Park last year. We never expected that the girls would be able to use it this year, but they really like it, too, and get a lot of use out of it.

Mitty and 2Wa2 in the Crow's Nest

Brie and the Slide
(with Mommy playing the role of Mommy)
(which is to let Brie slide and maybe hurt herself slightly while avoiding any catastrophic injuries)

Lego Boy

April 21, 2009

Drew has really surprised us with how much he likes Legos and how good he has become with them!

He loves to spend a lot of time creating things, and he knows exactly what he is building, and when he tells you what he has built, it is amazing how close he is.

Today Drew was building a "Tire Store" because he and Daddy recently were at Discount Tire to get recalled tire parts replaced.

Take a look at Drew's version of the tire store below and try to say it doesn't look just like the inside of Discount Tire.

Andrew with his creation

Making Daddy Happy

April 8, 2009

Tracy was hard at work today in the garage, getting years and years of stored baby things ready for sale. Jamie helped a bit, too.

Only a Mommy would think to put the kids to work washing the car to keep busy while the real work got done.

Daddy was happy to see the future potential of his kids, even if the job was a bit shoddy.

All three kids washing the car

Potato Head Glasses

April 5, 2009

Who could resist taking pictures of our twin little girls who decided they were going to wear Mr. Potato Head's glasses?

We couldn't.

Brie and Lexi in their upside-down Mickey Mouse themed Mr. Potato Head glasses

Nona's Table

April 3, 2009

Unsure of whether they would be in town to receive a shipment, Nona had her new kids table delivered to our house.

Drew and Mommy had a great time putting it together as a surprise for Nona.

Andrew with the newly-built table

Andrew Reading

April 2, 2009

Jamie was able to sneakily capture this picture today after Drew decided that he was going to read to his sisters.

The sisters were more than happy to get some positive attention from their brother and listened attentively.

Drew read through the entire "Daddy and Me" book, just like his Daddy reads it to him. A very neat moment.

Drew reading to his sisters