April 2008

Lexi Standing

April 27, 2008

Lexi stood up on her own for the first time today.

Lexi Standing with the help of the "family room" containment zone

Baby Dedication

April 26, 2008

Today we held the Baby Dedication for Lexi and Brie.

While we (again) were not able to have the event outside, we all crammed into our house (36 adults and swarms of kids if we recall correctly) and everything went great.

The Whole Family

Brie and Lexi with the cake

The Cake
(By Tracy, of course)

Some of the kids eating

The Main Event



Asleep at the Table

April 25, 2008

Sometimes the fun and excitement of all that transpires in the Deba household is simply too much.

Today, Brie just gave out and fell asleep while eating.

Brielle "eating"

Lexi stayed awake


April 24, 2008

Jamie had another softball game tonight.

He has had lots of them, but most of the time there is nobody there (Tracy) to take pictures.

Today's game epitomized the phrase: "It doesn't matter whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game."

Boy, did they play well!

Jamie playing 1st base

Growing Up As A Parent

April 24, 2008

Tracy got to grow up a bit as a parent today as she watched teenagers push her little boy on the swings.

You can tell from the look on his face that he is just terrified.

Oh, right, that was Tracy.

Nevertheless, she resisted running to save her little boy from certain disaster and everyone involved came out of the situation unscathed.

Drew swinging WAY TOO HIGH

A Girl and her Balloon

April 23, 2008

Lexi continues to get cuter and cuter.

Here she is playing with a balloon.

Alexia and her balloon

Another Containment Zone

April 22, 2008

Today Tracy fashioned a new containment zone with cutting-edge style.

This one even has an access hatch that only Drew can utilize.

(Yes, we do hold the girls most of the time.)

The "Living Room" Containment Zone

The Containment Zone

April 20, 2008

Jamie has become quite famous for his ever-present desire to create containment zones.

A Containment Zone is a safe, contained play area into which two little girls can be placed.

Jamie recently realized that our house has a ready-made containment zone once the gate at the top of the stairs is closed along with all doors to the rooms upstairs.

The "Balcony" Containment Zone

Another View

Drew and WaWa on this same day

Cinderella Cake

April 20, 2008

Tracy has been getting back into making cakes again.

Today she finished up a Cinderella Cake.

Cinderella's Coach Cake
(Drew's "Toaster Boasters" in background)

Visit to the Kuepper's

April 18, 2008

Tracy and the kids all ventured to the Kuepper's (Page, John, Sam, Evan) today.

I have no idea what went on because I was at home working.

Mitty and Sam playing with Brie

Page with Lexi and Evan

Brie Standing

April 16, 2008

Today was the first "official" day we can say that Brie has started standing up on her own.

Jamie snuck up behind her hoping to catch a photo or two without startling her into falling and hitting her head.

Brie Standing Up

Tapper and Roper

April 13, 2008

Drew got to pick out and bring home his first two fish today.

We thought he would be excited, but he was even more excited than we imagined.

Not more than a couple minutes after choosing the fish, Drew quickly named them Tapper and Roper.

He took less than a few seconds coming up with the names.

Tapper is a red beta fish and Roper is a blue beta.

They share a small tank designed for two betas.

Drew really enjoys looking at his fish and always wants to remove the opaque separator which still keeps the fish apart but lets them see each other.

Happy Fish Owner

Setting Up The Tank

Filling The Tank

Watching Tapper and Roper

Brian's Birthday Celebration

April 12, 2008

Today we celebrated Uncle Brian's birthday two days before his real birthday.

We had a wonderful meal, some special cake, and lots of fun.

Blowing Out The Candles

Uncle Brian and Auntie Sarah

Bumper Walkers

Baby Shower Cake

April 12, 2008

Tracy created a wonderful baby shower cake for her friend.

It turned out as good as all of her cakes.

The bear is 100% edible
(rice krispy treats covered with fondant)

Family Visits

April 9, 2008

Great Grandparents and Great Aunts converged on Colorado for a few days and it was great to see them all.

Nini and Pomi live in Colorado, of course, but were visiting Texas for a couple of months, so it was good to welcome them home.

Great Aunt Shelly and Lexi

Great Aunt Greta and Brielle

The Whole Gang

IBM Movie Day

April 5, 2008

IBM hosted a kids day at the movies today.

Drew was very excited to go to IBM which is where Daddy's office is, even though Daddy is never there. Drew still knows that sometimes Daddy goes to IBM.

We saw 90 minutes of Dora the Explorer and Drew was lucky enough to win the DVD at the end.

We can't ever go again because Drew will wonder why he didn't get a movie next time.

Arriving at IBM

Waiting For The Movie

Playing After The Movie

Daddy Plays Softball

April 3, 2008

The whole family came out today to watch Jamie play softball.

We don't need to discuss the final score...just that it was cold but still a lot of fun.

Daddy's Biggest Fan

Jamie At Bat

Two Cute Girls

April 3, 2008

The twins sure love their graham crackers!

Brielle and Alexia

Brielle Pulls Up

April 1, 2008

Brie surprised us today by pulling herself up on her knees in her crib for the first time.

It was quite a flashback to taking these exact same pictures of Drew a few years ago.

Brielle In Her Crib