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Video Vault

Welcome to the Video Vault!

We enjoy creating short (sometimes not-so-short) video slideshows of our family and extended family.

Windows Media Player can be used to view these videos.

Warning: Some of these files can be pretty big, but might stream as you watch them.

The Debas Review 2014

Merry Christmas from the Debas!

The Debas Review 2013

Merry Christmas from the Debas!

The Debas Review 2012

Merry Christmas from the Debas!

The Debas Review 2011

Merry Christmas from the Debas!

Taking Pictures

A short, fun little music video of the kids in 2011.

View on YouTube or in HD or for your smartphone using the links below.

Taking Pictures in HD (298MB)
Taking Pictures for mobile devices (33MB)

Drew Learns To Ride His Bike

In fewer than 90 minutes on February 16, 2011, Drew learned to ride his bike without training wheels.

Drew Learns To Ride His Bike in HD (228MB)
Drew Learns To Ride His Bike for mobile devices (16MB)

Disney World 2010

This is a short video which chronicles our Disney World vacation in 2010.

We have a whole bunch of actual video to include, and maybe that will happen someday, but it's high time to have something made, because that something is so much better than nothing.

We sure did enjoy our Disney World vacation, and we can't wait to get back there again!

Disney World 2010 in HD (300MB)
Disney World 2010 for mobile devices (20MB)

Barbara Deba - Memorial

Jamie's Mom passed away in early 2008 and Jamie created this video which was played after her funeral.

There was little time to gather all the photos and Jamie was not 100% satisfied with it, but Tracy wisely mentioned that this is the type of thing that you really can't ever be satisfied with.

Barbara Deba ~ 1948 - 2008 (29MB)

Fiesta Day

This was the annual Deba Gathering in March of 2005.

This year we all got together to cook a very large Mexican meal.

We ended up biting off more than we could chew (pun intended) but it was a great, fun day.

Fiesta Day 2005 (235MB)

Andrew Kaden Deba - First Birthday

This video was played during Drew's first birthday party.

It is one of the longest videos we have ever made and all since have been measured against it.

Drew's First Birthday (150MB)

Andrew Kaden Deba - 16 Weeks

Having only one child, and more time than we knew at the time, we created another video for Drew at 16 weeks old.

The music is missing in parts of this video and will be put back in as soon as we track down the correct CD.

Drew at 16 Weeks Old (32MB)

Andrew Kaden Deba - Birth Announcement

This was a short video that we put together to share with close family and friends when Drew was born.

Drew's Video Birth Announcement (18MB)